A whole life ahead… Violeta 5, home artist


-  I know a field that could be wonderful! One with flowers, butterflies and a really blue sky with clouds… I am imagining it, and it is so beautiful… I actually know how to transform it into reality: looking at the boreal aurorae and dreaming of it. Do you want this to be a “boreal aurorae-field”? There has never been one like that. We have to draw it to remember it! There are also flowers with colored dots and butterflies.

-  Would you go there?

-  Yes, mom and dad are bringing me someday. Lets draw some snow and grass, so people know it is the North Pole. Snow falls down as small dots. And people are always upside down so they can look at the sky. They have to glue themselves with special glue in their head, because the wind could blow them away.

- This is Violeta´s World.

- Then because it’s mine, I would do whatever I want. It is the jungle-North Pole-candy-field. It has also monkeys, tigers, horses, kangaroos, lions and hippopotamus and a river. There is no space for houses, only for animals. There is a small hole in the trees for animals and people. These take you to a different world.

- Whom would you live here with?

- With my friends and my family. In the boring worlds there are no toys, candies, ice cream… I would live here, because there would be ice cream, candies, and the aurorae. The best part is that when you cry, you can remember it.

- Do you think that an architect can create all this?

- I can do it by myself. I don’t need anyone else, just the boreal aurorae.

Architecture competition
Architecture competition
Architecture competition
Architecture competition
Architecture competition
Architecture competition

A childhood later… Ramón 20, street artist


- I really like my neighborhood. It is in the mid of a city, but it is not that stressful.

- When you go around the city, what do you pay attention to?

- I pay attention to the top of the buildings. I find interesting that they shine, in contrast with all the garbage that has the ground floor. Also when you look at the ground part of the buildings it is like wearing a hoody, whereas if you look up you can see more.

- What do you consider architecture?

- Architecture means so many things… things that are not visible to us. For example, my mum (an architect) gets sick when there is a beautiful landscape and the sun is coming down, but an electricity box blocks the light and consequently the ‘special moment’.

- Do you think architecture is changing?

- I don´t really know how cities will change… Things that will stay are buses, from where my best ideas have come out. I think sooner than later, people will have to take public transport and forget about cars. I’m sure we will have a super public transport vehicle like the one in Gotham City from Batman. I´ve read about a train prototype where people travel on top of some cool platforms and under it the cars run.

- What would you ask to your city architect?

- I think there must be big parks with vegetation, benches, fountains and some places where you could buy and eat seeds and beer. Yes, lots of big plants and traditional benches like the old times.

Architecture competition

Some studies later… Almudena, Elia & Jorge 26, entrepreneur architects


- I like to pay attention to the building’s facades, they reflect the history of a building, of a city, and they even show the transition between social statuses in a city. Old facades are beautiful heritages from our culture.

- In my case I pay attention to the top of the buildings. I am really impressed with how buildings are adding up new and modern spaces to the existing houses. So what do we really consider architecture?

- Architecture is everything; tell me something that is not!

- What about architectural technology?

- There is nothing more architectural than digital architecture! Furthermore, think about virtual reality these days. Architects make things work.

- Architects have always dictated the way societies work and live.

- No, they propose.

- Maybe design is a better word. We design the way people live. The architect has the responsibility of people’s emotions, feelings. We should go back to the classical. Maybe make architecture dialogue with nature and not transforming nature to fit in cities, which is un-natural. I would also bring back the concept of architecture as pieces of art in a city.

- For me, I would love if there were surprises everyday in the city… Create ephemeral dream worlds for kids.

- I believe that architecture should explore new horizons; we are densifying what is densified already! I mean to think out of the box, like living in Mars, inside the water… We must find a way to help the Earth breath.

Architecture competition

Maturity and a family later… Jordi 55, photographer and businessman


- My neighborhood suffers a lack of public services but it is a nice environment. It is a place where I have exchanged space for time. Time is ‘the factor’ to consider. Madrid is a great city, has everything you need, without being too big, although is difficult to walk and bike. I would bring the sea, that’s what I miss the most.

- What would be your pros and cons of living in the center?

- My cons would be the noise, no peace. My principal interest while travelling throughout the city is commuting as fast as possible, finding easy parking and getting to the appointments on time.

- How would it be your perfect city?

- To make it easier for one-person transportation (pedestrians, bikes, Segway, motorbikes). The city of the future is based on these one-person-transportation vehicles.

- What is the role of the architect these days?

- The architect has to put together in the mixer all those important things and make sure that it comes out organized, functional, nice and timeless for the users.

- How would you represent with one of your pictures all of these?

- I am taking a picture that will show temporary extended spaces. All of this with the idea of representing architecture as an stable environment where time is relative and where things are happening and changing, but not the city. Photography is my way of criticizing the city.

Architecture competition

A whole life behind… Carmencita 92, life philosopher


- What is it like a normal day for you?

- Mostly routine, because it is the same everyday: I wake up, see people going to work and then I go straight to the street. I have been suffering some legs pain lately so I am afraid of taking the bus, that´s why I have been taking cabs when I have to go further, but if not, I always walk everywhere. What do you expect from a 92-year-old woman to do?

- Which is your favourite place?

- My favourite place is Rosales. I walk around there. When I was a child I used to go to Rosales quite often, I know it pretty good.

- What do you pay attention to when you are moving around?

- I pay attention to the ground level of the Gran Via, such beautiful houses! I stare at the facades; they have beautiful steel balconies, which I love.

- How would your perfect facades look like them?

- It should have more balconies than small windows. I am drawing a big balcony, and I am going to include some decoration, and the door, but like the old ones, very big.

- If you could ask something to your city architect, what would it be?

- There are too many people... It is not that I want to kick them out, just disperse them. There are not many around here, but if you walk straight up this way, there are too many people.

- So, which is this city that you have drawn us?

- This would be my Madrid, before the civil war. Madrid in 1935.

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