Ruraliz-action, a project in response to consumerism. This initiative investigates contemporary manufacturing processes. Its main purpose is to confront the citizen reality of Madrid’s outskirts, focusing on the new Vallecas Urban Planning (2006 PAU).


The population psychological diagram draws a group of citizens persuaded by the contemporary capitalist clichés. As a result, our society has ended up living in little boxes on the city outskirts and shopping on the Internet, with no relation between them neither with the fabrication of what they consume on the daily basis.


In response to this social crisis, the project purpose is to involucrate the citizens in the production of their own organic products. Regarding that matter the population is divided in teachers, executors and apprentices, who will collaborate to build the designed simple, modulated and combinative construction system. The proposal will be located in the empty sites of the city periphery.


For the project to be a solution itself, it is needed to design its application in the 4 principal scales: detail (1:20), block (1:200), neighbourhood (1:2000), and city (1:10.000).

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