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The “Søvika Valley” research center is a place for recreation, education and working. It also contributes to a sustainable environment, combining green design and water. Water is one of the qualities of the site and will be incorporated in the design concept. The small river movements the potential of running water on the location, slowly rooting towards the main axis of the Research center. The water bases are situated on different levels and surrounded by different recreational settings.

A coherent green and water structure will be the strong fundation for the development of the Re- search Centre. The park has a strong identity based on the presence of water and the interaction of it with archi- tecture. To create a park that forms an entity it is important that the di erent elements are connected. The water will be used in the research centre in several ways; in a spatial way, creating some distance and views in the park; in a functional way, being places where the rainwater can be collected and provides life to the rain garden; and in a poetic way, re ecting skies and re ecting arti cial light in the evenings. The layout will foster a safe places for children playing, enjoying and learning with the water.