Paris has set up not only as a European cinema scenario, but also as an American one. For this reason, it is decided to dedicate the Reservoirs of Passy to one of the most important American designers of Hollywood: Colleen Atwood. Her close collaboration with cinema director Tim Burton ends up in this project of a Cinema Factory.


This intervention consists of the superposition of layers: a darkroom (camera obscura) using the pre-existing structure of vaults on the ground floor, an aquatic vegetation park and a walkable animated surface and rooftop.


The production process starts at Tim Burton’s household, the brain of all this operation. It is physically connected to the studio (ground floor), where he creates with his team the first ideas and models. Then, they start becoming real in the filming process inside the darkrooms. Simultaneously, some films and performances are being represented in the public floor above the aquatic vegetation park. This surface is also connected to the walkable roof, where people can interact with the city of Paris and enjoy the incredible magic site and the sightseeings.

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