The aim of the project is to place Trondheim, a Norwegian University Campus dedicated to science and technology studies (NTNU), as a worldwide reference of technology education such as MIT or Silicon Valley. Promoting not only experimental education in new technologies, but also its connection with entrepreneurship.


Trond·Nett is a new model of city making. It is a proposal based on a technological platform that transforms NTNU campus in a network of interrelated academic, social and business that will bring activities and life back to the campus, connecting students, staff and residents. Understanding the city of Trondheim as an urban lab. 

The project is a plan for the future of Trondheim, divided in four phases (01-Discover // 02-Design&Prototyping // 03-Testing // 04-Empowerment), and the main goal is that residents are heard and take part of the planning and design of their own city.



Trondheim's biggest problematic is the growing lack of connection and between the Campus and the City. The low number of relations between students and citizens makes this problematic obvious, in a city where only 2/3 of its population is permanent; the other 1/3 is linked to the Campus and changes along the year. The creation of a new communication platform to break those boundaries will enable citizens and students to work their initiatives together.



Actors will be students, workers, professors and citizens of Trondheim. Their participation in initiatives is divided in three possible types: promoter, executors and users.



The virtual network is based on an app where a Masterplan is represented. It contains the different type of spaces: Available spaces // Used spaces // Initiatives that are carried out and services that they offer (participation on the project, being a BETA user…).


The physical network is based on four types of spaces: Underused spaces (depending on their schedule) in the existing buildings // Disused buildings // New built spaces: the nature of these new buildings will be like mixed-use garages // Urban lines.

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